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How are short term and long term guardians different?


So, when you have young kids there’s two different kinds of guardians you want to have in place. Long-term and short-term guardians.

Long term guardians: The people who would take care of your kids—raise them, love them, guide them—if anything ever happened to you until your youngest child turned 18. But you also want to have in place what we refer to as short term guardians. And that’s in the scenario where your long-term guardians are not immediately available to your kids.

Short term guardians: The  people who live close to where you live, who can come over quickly, be at your house or take your kids to their house and take care of your kids until your long-term guardians can arrive. We often refer to short term guardians as first responders. They are the first people to be with your kids and take care of your kids.

Short term guardians take care of the period until your long-term guardians can arrive. And then from there, your long-term guardians can take care of your kids until they no longer need formal guardians.

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