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Marketing Manager

Meet Natasha, our dedicated Marketing Manager at The Parents Estate Planning Law Firm, who joined our team in 2023 with a mission to extend our reach to more Massachusetts families. As a mother to a lively toddler, Natasha’s commitment to creating a better world for all children burns brighter than ever.

Natasha’s educational journey is as diverse as her passions. She holds an Associates Degree in Music from Santa Monica College, a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Communications from Anna Maria College in Paxton, and is currently pursuing her MBA. Natasha’s love for learning is unmistakable and drives her professional growth.

Outside the office, Natasha thrives on quality family time, hosting game nights with her loved ones in Worcester. She’s a culinary enthusiast, showcasing her skills in the kitchen, and finds solace in strumming her guitar, belting out tunes, and dancing to the rhythm of life. Natasha is also a dedicated indoor plant collector and caretaker, cherishing the greenery in her home, and she enjoys indulging her creative side through crafting. Beyond her personal pursuits, Natasha is a staunch advocate for children’s online rights and privacy, actively working to make the internet a safer space for kids.



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