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I Have a Trust, What’s Next?


So, a very common question that we get from people who are coming into our office for the first time is: I have a trust and I know I needed to be doing something with it I knew I needed to be adding assets to the trust or transferring of my assets to the trust but I didn’t know what to do next, and sadly a lot of traditional estate planning lawyers don’t help their clients to complete what we would call the funding process.

The Funding Process

The transferring of assets into the trust. That’s one of the most important parts about having a trust. The only way you avoid probate by having a trust is if your assets are actually titled or owned in the name of the trust. So, to make that as easy as possible for our clients, we offer a planning level in which our office does all of that work for you we take that off your plate.

It’s one less thing that you have to worry about one less thing that you have to go out and figure out we do the work we set up the paperwork all you have to do is sign it and then we do the follow up with your financial institutions to make sure everything gets titled appropriately in the name of your trust.

You’ve got to remember that that’s the most important part of your trust. Once it’s completed, getting all of those assets into the trust itself makes things as easy as possible for your family

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