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How Long Does It Take To Get An Estate Plan In Place?


In our office you can have an estate plan in place in as little as four weeks once you’ve made the decision to move forward and make the decisions around your plan. 

We would have you come back into our office to sign your legal documents in four weeks so within a month you’d have a plan in place and you’d know that your family is protected.

We schedule one meeting after that signing meeting which takes another month. This is a final  wrap-up meeting where we deliver the binder to you and that’s when we conduct our unique legacy interview.

  • Four weeks to get your documents in place.
  • Four weeks to the final meeting.
  • Two months total and your plan is in place!
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At The Parents Estate Planning Law Firm, we answer your questions at your convenience; we stay in frequent communication; and we meet to discuss changes in life circumstances and in the law to ensure that your assets are protected.


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