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Daphne joined The Parents Estate Planning Law Firm, as our legal assistant in April of 2023. Fascinated by jurisprudence and ethics, she received her B.A. in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Massachusetts – Lowell.

By studying different political and judicial systems, Daphne cultivated her double-major to further
explore the relationship between international and domestic law. As a multilingual speaker, she ultimately combined two of her greatest passions—law and languages. Fluent in both Spanish and English, Daphne fell in love with linguistics and culture from a young age. Throughout all of high school she learned French; later double-minoring in German Studies and Portuguese Studies while at UMass Lowell.

In undergrad, Daphne also had incredible study abroad experiences and adventures. In Troía, Portugal, she studied archaeology and excavated ancient Roman ruins. In Marburg, Germany, she continued to learn German and focused on comparative European politics. While in Conocoto, Ecuador, she dedicated her time to community building by volunteering with a non-profit, Manna Project International (MPI).

When she is not studying or working, Daphne loves spending time with her adorable and clever dog, Athena, a red-haired Shiba Inu. She also enjoys traveling, singing, playing flute and piano, reading, writing, and playing sports—especially volleyball and basketball.

Aspiring to be an attorney herself, Daphne is genuinely passionate about helping the Firm not only honor its mission but also bring its vision to life. With an estate plan in place, our clients leave prepared, and their loved ones protected; she loves knowing that this relief helps them enjoy life in the present while having peace of mind for the future.

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