Family Values: How to Continue them for Generations

With just a little effort, we can preserve our family values for generations to come. Most of us want to make a mark in the world. That’s a big part of what gives our lives meaning. And whether or not we have children, our history and stories can be a unique and irreplaceable gift to our families.

Who shares your family values?

It can be difficult to pass on our traditions and our values, however, especially when we feel no one is listening. Too often, by the time younger generations care about life lessons and stories, the older generations are gone or their memories have faded.

In the “old days,” life’s lessons were passed along orally or by hand. But writing things down takes substantial time and effort, and let’s face it, not all of us have the patience or the penmanship for it.

Passing on your family values today, for tomorrow

But today, video technology makes preserving our family values easier than ever. Using a camera, computer webcam, or even your cellular phone, you can preserve your values and stories for your family. All you need to do is list what you’d like to talk about, then get the camera (or microphone) rolling. Here are some things you can talk about:

  • Generations that came before you;
  • Your childhood and immediate family;
  • Funny stories about you and other family members;
  • Family traditions;
  • Family values; and
  • Lessons you have learned about yourself and the world.
Yes, your Estate can include your family values!

At The Parents Estate Planning Law Firm, PC, we believe that sharing your family values and life’s lessons is even more important than passing along your wealth and material possessions. But, of course, both are an important part of estate planning and of caring for your family. By being proactive now, you can preserve both your family values and your wealth for your loved ones after you’re gone.

You don’t need a lawyer to help capture your stories, wisdom, and values, but if you want a truly comprehensive estate plan that accounts for your whole family wealth, personal as well as financial, you want the kind of estate plan our firm creates for clients. Every estate plan we create includes a Family Wealth Legacy component. And that is exactly the kind of plan your loved ones will treasure most.

Be one of the first 5 families to book an Family Wealth Planning Session with us this month and we’ll include a Family Wealth Legacy Interview as part of the Planning Session, free of charge.

As a Personal Family Lawyer®, I can further advise you on all your options and make things as easy as possible for your family during a Family Wealth Planning Session. If you would like to have a talk about estate planning for your family, call our office today to schedule a time for us to sit down and talk.

To your family’s health, wealth and happiness!

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David Feakes

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