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Can I Prevent Someone From Becoming My Child’s Guardian?


You can prevent a family member that you don’t want to be the guardian of your kids from ever becoming the guardian of your kids, but it doesn’t happen automatically. You’ve got to take affirmative steps to prevent that person from becoming the guardian, or from challenging the decision that you are making about who you want to be the guardian.

In our office, the document we use is called a Confidential Exclusion of Guardian, and with that document in place, you would identify who you don’t want to be the guardian of your kids. Under any circumstances, and you would give a short reason why you don’t want that person to be the guardian.

With that document in place, if something happens to you and that family member who you’ve excluded ever challenges the decision that you’ve made or tries to be nominated to be the guardian of your kids, now we have a legal document that we can pull out file with a court that will prevent that person from ever becoming the guardian of your kids.

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