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Are your children 18 or about to turn 18?

Make sure they have 3 critical documents in place.

Download our Grad Guide to learn more.

Now that your ‘baby’ is all grown up, would you be able to legally protect them in the event of an emergency?


Your graduating senior may still be your baby, but in the eyes of the law he or she is now an ADULT!

That means you can no longer make important medical or financial decisions for your child without their permission.

But let’s face it…. your job of being a PARENT doesn’t stop just because your child turns 18. If there’s a medical emergency or your child needs financial help, you NEED the ability to cut through the legal red tape and get involved.

In this resource, you will learn about our 18+ Care Package, which contains the 3 key legal documents everyone over the age of 18 should have in place.

At The Parents Estate Planning Law Firm, we want to help your child succeed and provide you with peace of mind.

Be sure to read the entire Graduation Guide to discover a special bonus just for YOU!


Gretchen, parent
“Our son recently signed his 18 + documents. He was thrilled at how quick and efficient the process was! As his parents, we were so thankful for the knowledgeable and caring staff. An all-around great experience!”

Tess, young adult
“My experience with The Parents Estate Planning Law Firm was very organized. Everything was explained to me thoroughly, and I am very happy with my choice to use them for my 18+ documents.”