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Welcome to our clients-only Trust Funding page!

Here, you will find the information, instructions, and templates you’ll need to help you complete the funding of your trust.

Remember, once you have created and signed your trust, the next most important thing is to be sure that your assets are owned in the name of your trust. That will include updating your bank accounts and investment accounts, and your life insurance and retirement account beneficiary designations. We call this part of the planning process “funding your trust.” It is a key part of the process that makes your trust work the way you want and need it to protect your family – and to avoid probate.

Transferring your existing assets to your trust will require you to complete letters of instruction and/or forms to change ownership of your bank accounts, and investment accounts (from your individual name(s) to the name of your trust), and change the beneficiary designations for all life insurance policies and retirement accounts to your trust. Although you can download and use the template documents listed here, your financial institution may require you to complete their specific form (usually the case for investment accounts, life insurance, and retirement accounts) or you may need to obtain a specific form directly from your Human Resources/Benefits department at work for work-related accounts. Once you have completed these documents, you must send them to your financial institutions so that the ownership changes to your trust can be completed. Once these changes are complete, you should receive confirmation directly from your financial institution that the accounts have been transferred.

If you have any questions, please contact our Funding Coordinator by phone at (978) 263-6900 or by email at funding@parentsestateplanning.com

**If you find you are not able to complete the funding of your trust within a reasonable time frame, please call us as soon as possible so we can assist you.  An unfunded trust means your assets will go through probate and cause problems for your family.**


General Instructions

House Instructions


Account Title Change - Bank Accounts

Account Title Change - Investment or Brokerage Account

Add Successor Owner - Custodial or 529 Accounts

Assign an Interest in a Promissory Note

Use only if you lent money to someone else

Assign an Interest in an LLC

Assign an Interest in a Sole Proprietorship

Beneficiary Designation Change - Life Insurance

Beneficiary Designation Change - Retirement (work)

Beneficiary Designation Change - Retirement

Homeowners Insurance Company Notification Letter

Mortgage Lender Notification Letter

Transfer of Stock Shares