Protecting Yourself
Protects Your Family

Learn how an effective estate plan provides layers of protection for yourself, your assets, your children, and your legacy.

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November 2nd • 6:00 • Zoom • Replay Available

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Join us for an exclusive estate planning seminar for the fellows of the Commonwealth Anesthesia Associates. 

When: November 2nd at 6:00 PM
Where: Zoom  

Replay available for those who can’t make it.

Our Speaker

Introducing David Feakes, the founder and owner of The Parents Estate Planning Law Firm. With over two decades of experience in estate planning, David’s journey began in 1998, driven by a profound desire to help young parents secure their children’s future. Having welcomed clients from all walks of life, David’s expertise extends far beyond the initial stages of parenting, now encompassing comprehensive empty nester planning as well. 

Armed with a law degree from Suffolk University and a BBA in Management from the UMASS, Amherst, David’s passion lies in preserving and protecting not just your assets, but also your invaluable intangible assets—your stories, guidance, and advice. Join us for an enlightening estate planning seminar led by David Feakes, a seasoned expert who believes that everyone deserves the peace of mind that comes from a meticulously crafted plan.

Portrait photo of David Feakes​

David Feakes

Owner & Founder

Estate planning isn't just about tangible assets—it's about passing down your life stories, lessons, and values.

David Feakes

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Protect Yourself
Protect Your Family

Estate Planning Seminar
Zoom • 6:00 pm
Thursday, November 2nd
Replay Available