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National Estate Planning Awareness Week Oct 21-28, 2019: Planning for All Stages of Parenthood

Did you know that October 21-28 is “National Estate Planning Awareness Week?”

Estate planning is an often overlooked area of personal financial management. By some estimates, 70% of American parents do not have an estate plan! Most mistakenly hear the word “estate” and assume “estate planning” is just for the Bill Gates, Elon Musks, or Warren Buffets of the world. Estate planning, however, is for everyone!

Estate planning is essential to protecting you, your family, your assets, and perhaps most importantly, your legacy. That is, who you are, and what matters most to you.

All adults need to take steps to create these critical legal documents. National Estate Planning Awareness Week (NEPAW) is the perfect time to make sure your affairs are in order in the event of an illness, an accident, or untimely death. Listen below as our founding attorney, David Feakes, talks through the unique challenges of planning through all stages of parenthood (and overcoming them!) Whether your kids are young, have flown the coop, or even have kids of their own, this quick audio clip is illuminating.

If you haven’t yet created your comprehensive estate plan, contact our office today at 978-263-6900 or support@parentsestateplanning.com and mention NEPAW. Our client services team is ready to schedule an initial meeting with one of our attorneys. During this meeting, they’ll get to know your story, your family, and your goals – then use that information to craft an estate plan that works for you now, and for your loved ones in the future.

If you already have a plan, now is a good time to review it, and make needed adjustments. A lot can change over the years and your estate plan must be updated to ensure it will work the way you want. An estate plan created 15, 10, or even 5 years ago may not be keeping pace with your life and what you are building. Now is the time to revise it to be sure it will work the way your family needs it to. Lori, our client services coordinator, is happy to help you. Contact her at 978-263-6900 or support@parentsestateplanning.com.

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