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5 Legal Documents Every Parent Should Have

Are you prepared? Don’t let your children be placed into the care of the Department of Children and Families or in the care of strangers – even for a minute. Save your assets from being lost to court costs or tied up and unavailable for your loved ones for months or years.  Leave behind more than money: leave a legacy. Make sure your children know who you are and what’s important to you. Be confident that you’ve made the smart, loving choice to protect your family and your assets. We offer these guidelines to make taking care of your family as easy as possible. Click here for your copy!

6 Common Mistakes Most Parents Make When Choosing Guardians

Have you made one of these six common mistakes that could leave your kids in the care of someone you would never choose? Learn how you can fix these mistakes and make sure your children, your family, and your money are always protected by downloading this free resource.

10 Things to Ask Before Hiring an Estate Planning Lawyer

You’ve determined you need estate planning services to protect your family, but you’re not sure with whom you should work. Download this free guide to learn the things you should ask before engaging an estate planning attorney to help you plan for the well-being of your family, your money, and your life.


6 Major Mistakes Parents Make When Choosing an Estate Planning Attorney

The estate planning industry simply wasn’t designed to serve growing families who experience change on their way to financial success. Before you hire any estate planning attorney, download our free guide to learn what to look for, what questions to ask, and what mistakes to avoid.


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