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Planning For
Peace Of Mind

Learn how estate planning protects your kids so they are always loved and cared for!

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Planning For
Peace Of Mind

Learn how estate planning protects your kids so they are always loved and cared for!

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Gain confidence your estate plan covers everything important to you

  • Get clarity about the importance of having a will and trust to safeguard your children’s well-being and financial security.
  • Get step-by-step guidance on the layers of a comprehensive estate plan for young families, directly from Attorney Leah Kofos, in layman’s terms.
  • Discover estate planning benefits you probably weren’t aware of–and how to take advantage of them!
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Protect your kids from unthinkable events that you would never wish for

  • Your children could be placed into the care of the DCF even if you have a will in place and even if you have a living trust.
  • Your children could be put into the custody and care of someone you would never choose, like the one family member who you don’t want raising your kids!
  • A Judge, who doesn’t know you or your family, will decide who will raise your kids.
  • A long and nasty custody fight could ensue or there might be a challenge to the guardians you have designated.
  • Tens of thousands of dollars could be lost to court costs and other unnecessary fees through the probate process that can tie up your money and deprive your kids of the resources they need.
  • Unscrupulous people can take advantage of children when they turn 18 and receive a lump sum inheritance.

Save time and money by efficiently managing the estate planning process.

  • Get to know a firm that specializes in family estate planning, with a mission to protect growing families in Massachusetts. 
  • Learn about our streamlined process, eliminating all guesswork.
  • Discover a special offer ONLY AVAILABLE to seminar participants!

Questions? We have answers.

As a parent with young kids, you most likely have estate planning questions. Listen to our videos below for answers.

Ricky B.
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I went into the estate planning process not knowing a whole lot, but I left with a lot of knowledge about the process and coverage. Leah made it very easy and answered all of our questions. We appreciate her time and effort. I would definitely recommend her and the team at Parents Estate planning to anyone looking to set up a plan for their future! The receptionist there is wonderful as well, a very kind and welcoming individual. They're all great!
Debbie S.
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The entire team at The Parents Estate Planning Law Firm is wonderful. From the moment you make the first call, until the moment you pick up your estate plan documents, the team will be answering all your questions and working with you on your schedule. They are not only the best at what they do but also very caring and sensitive individuals. Great team, highly recommended!
Becca B.
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I can't say enough great things about The Parents Estate Planning Law Firm! My husband and I are expecting a little one any day now and we worked with Leah and the team to set up an estate plan, something that we were dreading as part of the family planning process. But from day one, they have been a pleasure to work with - extremely friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and responsive. They walked us through every step and it was a true comfort knowing we were in good hands for such an important life decision. Highly recommend working with them!
Anthony M.
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We had a wonderful experience with the Parents Estate Planning Law Firm. They were very organized and made the daunting process of getting our estate plan prepared simple and easy to understand. The team was always willing to help us when we had questions, and the atmosphere was always warm. We would definitely recommend them for estate planning, especially for families with young children.
Shauna M.
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We worked with The Parents Estate Planning Law Firm after we had our first child. The whole team is trustworthy, available and gentle. They make this process of doing something not so fun, not so bad. Creating a will and trust is something that is so easy to procrastinate doing, and I’m so grateful this team was there for us to get it done. The peace of mind we have now is priceless. Every email was answered promptly and every question answered thoroughly. We have already recommended this firm to our friends and family and will continue to do so.

A Will Is Simply Not Enough

Your Plan MUST Work For Your Kids