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Lessons learned from an Emergency: He Said

Back in January, my wife, Paula wrote about my holiday adventure with the emergency room (ER.)  In response to that email, I received an outpouring of ‘get well’ wishes from concerned clients.  When I started this firm (20 years ago this year,) I wanted to build a firm that valued client relationships, one where I would not only be a valuable resource to my clients, but someone to whom my clients could turn in times Read More

Learning from our Crisis: An Estate Planning Attorney in the ER- She Said

I’m writing today with a new sense of purpose and urgency about what we do here at The Parents Estate Planning Law Firm. David was in the hospital over the week of Christmas. For 5 days. He lost 24 lbs in two weeks and was in and out of the emergency room, before finally being admitted the Friday before New Year’s Day. I can honestly say it was one of the scariest weeks of our lives. And we were prepared – at least Read More

Ready to Write Your Will? Consider This Before You Go It Alone or Online.

A last will and testament is the most commonly thought of document when it comes to an estate plan. But, really, it’s a very small part of an integrated plan that ensures your family stays out of Court and out of conflict when something happens to you. Writing your own Will. Don’t think you can just write your own Will and that will help your family. Instead, consider the reality that trying to do so could actually Read More