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Reflecting on 2016- Thank you for a great year!

Happy 2017! For our first post of the new year, we looked back on our work together in 2016. It sure felt like a monumental year: after moving into our new offices, (this time last January- you might remember the video tour), we've met so many families and developed so many new relationships. But, even we were blown away when we looked at 2016 "by-the-numbers." This past year, we worked with people in 35 Read More

How to Make Estate Planning the One Resolution you Keep in 2017

We make them with the best of intentions, New Year’s resolutions. At the end of the month up to 40% of us will resolve to accomplish something in 2017, say researchers at the University of Scranton. Yet, not unsurprisingly, a mere 8% of us will actually keep those resolutions and succeed in our goals1. Some of the most important resolutions we will set center on family and money. Though estate planning doesn’t Read More

Thinking about Guardians this Holiday Season

When you look around your holiday table this year, you will probably not be thinking about permanent, legal guardians for your children. But, perhaps you should. We don't have to tell you that having the wrong (or no) legal guardians designated to care for your children (if you are no longer alive and able to) may be a disastrous situation of the highest order. Custody battles can wreak havoc on your family and Read More

Questions & Answers 2: Kids Protection Planning Seminars

Attorney David Feakes and Client Services Director Paula Feakes answering some of the FAQs from our 2016 Kids Protection Planning Workshops in Acton, MA Read More

Legal Rights of Grandparents: In Honor of National Grandparents Day

When all is ideal in a family, the bond between grandparents and children is a special one. Maybe you’ve even heard that grandparenting is the grand reward for parenting. But what happens when the grandparent becomes the parent? Or when parents’ divorce or one parent dies and a grandparents’ visitation rights are taken away? Legal Rights of Grandparents This is happening more and more often, and it’s an issue you’ll Read More

The 4 Key Life Skills Your Children Need to Have Before They Inherit

The lunches are made, the backpacks are packed. You’ve successfully sent your child off to meet the challenges of school. It is in school where they will learn to read and write, to socialize and learn how to navigate friendships. Our role as parents is to teach our children the skills learned outside of the classroom - life skills; how to face disappointment, right from wrong, and how to manage money, just to name a Read More

Build Your Child’s Back-to-School Resilience to Support Their Ultimate Success

If you are like most parents, your primary objective is to support your children to be prepared to handle the pressures of adulthood. If you have wondered what the most important thing you can do now to support your child is, this article has answers and they may not be what you think: If there is one human trait which helps to navigate all of life’s stages, it is resilience. Resilience is the ability to bounce Read More

Kelly Clarkson’s Blended Family: What She Needs to Consider

Starting a new family is always exciting and even a tad scary. This natural apprehension can be enhanced when a couple creates a blended family. Bringing children from different parents together presents challenges - and those challenges are multiplied when the couple have new children of their own. Former American Idol star Kelly Clarkson recently added a new baby to her family. Kelly and her husband, Brandon Read More

Five Valuable Traits a Child Can Learn from Working Parents

Those of us who work sometimes feel that we are doing our children a disservice. Sure, we bring home a paycheck that benefits our children, but we may miss their activities and other aspects of their daily lives. This can be especially true in two-earner families. But in addition to greater financial security, our jobs provide opportunities for our children to learn many other life skills that they can use throughout Read More

The 6 Common Mistakes Parents Make When Choosing Guardians

Do you know who would take care of your kids if something were to happen to you? Have you chosen more than one guardian, in case something happens to or prevents your named guardian from caring for your child? Read More