Why Plan – National Estate Planning Awareness Week

A question I often get asked is "Why is estate planning so important for me as a parent of a young child or of young children?" It's simple: when you are the parent of a young child or young children, that is when estate planning is most important. Here's why: You've got young kids. They can't take care of themselves. They can't take care of the assets that you leave to them while they're still young. You need people Read More

Leave A Legacy: National Estate Planning Awareness Week

In addition to drafting legal documents for all of our clients to make sure that their assets are taken care of and their families are fully protected, we also understand  that there are certain aspects that really make you, "you," which are not able to be preserved through traditional estate planning methods. That's why we conduct what we call our Legacy Interview. A Legacy Interview is made available to all of Read More

Adult Child (18+) Planning – National Estate Planning Awareness Week

Did you know that, if you have children, once your child turns 18, you can no longer see your child's medical records, or get information about your kids? In the eyes of the law, once your child turns 18, they are considered adults and on their own. At The Parents Estate Planning Law Firm, PC, we have 3 different legal documents for kids to sign, allowing their parents to access their information the same way that Read More

Funding Your Trust – National Estate Planning Awareness Week

A common estate planning mistake many people make – including celebrities with huge estates, like Michael Jackson or Prince – is not ensuring the trust they have created actually holds all their assets.  Unfortunately, after creating trust paperwork for their clients, most lawyers simply do not follow-up to make sure this critical step is properly handled. If you’ve worked with any law office other than ours, you Read More

Trust vs. Will: What you Need to Know- National Estate Planning Awareness Week

Our second installment for National Estate Planning Awareness Week: trusts, wills, and the difference between the two. When most people hear "estate planning," they immediately think "will," but for parents, a simple will is, simply, not enough. A  very common question we get is "What is the difference between and will and a trust?" In some ways they are very similar, and in some ways they are very different. Both Read More

Naming Guardians- National Estate Planning Awareness Week

Maybe you've heard that there are certain documents you need to have in place to make sure that your kids are protected no matter what, but you don't know what those documents are, or how to get started. If You Are The Parent Of A Young Child, We Recommend: If you have young children, you definitely want to have a Kids Protection Plan in place. With a Kids Protection Plan, you will name long-term guardians (the Read More

National Estate Planning Awareness Week 2018

Congress has designated the third week in October "National Estate Planning Awareness Week" (October 14-20, 2018). Estate planning is an often overlooked area of personal financial management.  By some estimates, 70% of American parents do not have an estate plan!  Most mistakenly hear the word "estate" and assume "estate planning" is just for the Bill Gates of the world. Estate planning, however, is for Read More

What is Your “Plan C?” Reflecting on Schoharie

It’s not an easy discussion. But, we have a responsibility to have it. In fact, I believe that one of my most solemn duties as a parent is to make sure that my children are protected, always. Even in the event of my death. As an the Client Services Director of an estate planning law firm, it is also my responsibility to educate parents about planning for the worst, while they are young and healthy. Even if the Read More

Data Breach: Protecting Your Digital Assets

Last week, Facebook experienced the largest data breach in its history, exposing the data of it's 50 million users. While tech experts and pundits debate legal action and regulatory policy, those of us who use the platform daily to connect us to our friends and family (and increasingly, other third-party apps and websites via the platform's Single Sign On feature,) are left wondering what we can do to protect our Read More

What Happens to Your Facebook Account When You Die?

If you’re active on social media, Facebook probably plays a prominent role in your life. Now the social media titan can even play a role in your afterlife. Today, estate planning encompasses not only your tangible assets—bank accounts and real estate—but your digital assets as well, such as cryptocurrency, websites, and social media accounts. Though social media may seem trivial compared to the rest of your Read More