Protecting Your Assets

Asset Protection through Estate PlanningThe strategies that are appropriate for protecting your assets are different for every family.

Once we assess the type of assets your own through our Family Wealth Worksheet questionnaire, we will better understand your specific risk factors and the level of protection you desire.

We assist our clients in determining the appropriate level of asset protection planning for their particular circumstances.

We consider:

  • Insurance
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Asset segregation
  • Choice of jurisdiction
  • Gifting
  • LLDs, partnerships, corporations, and asset protections trusts

If you have a business, it is necessary to review how it is set up.  Our Small Business Legal Audit is a key first step.

Customized combinations are layered depending on your needs. There are many different strategies to accomplish the protection of your assets while you are alive and after you are gone.

Contact us at 978-263-6900 for a Family Wealth Planning Session™ to find out which strategies may be right for you.