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Your Questions, Answered.

We take to Facebook Live the final Tuesday of every month at 12:00p.m. EST to answer popular client questions and address common Estate Planning issues.

Tax Season! Reinvest your Refund in Your Family’s Future


Are you one of the more than 80 percent of Americans receiving
a tax refund this month? David explains why investing in a
comprehensive estate plan is the smart, loving way to spend
this year’s refund. Also covered, Red Sox Opening Day and
National Health Care Decisions Week.

Family Estate Planning, Make it a Priority This Year


Frequently Asked Questions about Workshops


Plan for the Unexpected


Selecting Guardians for your Kids


For July’s episode, we chat with David about Naming Short-Term Guardians

Freqently Asked Questions Episode #1


For June’s episode, we went straight to the source and asked
our Facebook fans to send us their most pressing
Estate Planning questions.

5 Legal Documents Every Parent Should Have


Do you have a will? How about a trust? If you have kids,
those documents aren’t enough to protect them should the worst
occur. David breaks down the basics of legal planning for parents.


6 Common Mistakes Parents Make Choosing Guardians for their Kids


David outlines some of the common pitfalls parents encouter
when deciding who they would want to raise their children,
should the unthinkable happen to them.

Visiting the Parents Estate Planning Law Firm, PC


Intimidated at the thought of visiting a law firm?
Just wondering what to expect when you come see us for
the first time? Take a behind-the-scenes tour of our office space.