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Boston Voyager Interview

David Feakes added to Boston Voyager’s Inspiring Stories Feature

David Feakes was featured in Boston Voyager’s Inspiring Story Series. (Read or share the full article here.) What is the Inspiring Stories series? Here’s what the folks at the online publication

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Giving Thanks by Giving Back 2017

Each November – the traditional month of thanks-  the team at The Parents Estate Planning Law Firm, PC, is filled with gratitude for the successful year we have had together. At our firm, success

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Estate Planning Awareness Week

The Winners Are…. National Estate Planning Awareness Week

We hope you’ve found our celebration of National Estate Planning Awareness Week (EPAW) informative and will take action to ensure the young people in your lives are protected- no matter what! It’s

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Why Plan – National Estate Planning Awareness Week 2017

A question I often get asked is “Why is estate planning so important for me as a parent of a young child or of young children?” As a dad myself, my answer is that when you are the parent of

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Leave A Legacy: National Estate Planning Awareness Week

In addition to drafting legal documents for all of our clients, to make sure that their assets are taken care of and their families are fully protected, we also understand at the firm that there are certain

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18+ Planning – National Estate Planning Awareness Week

A question we get a lot from our clients, who are planning with us is “We are protecting our kids, but are our kids, themselves actually protected?” When this question comes from a client with

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Funding a Trust

Funding Your Trust – National Estate Planning Awareness Week

A common estate planning mistake many people make – including celebrities with huge estates, like Michael Jackson or Prince – is not ensuring the trust you have created actually holds all your assets. 

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Trust vs. Will: What you Need to Know- National Estate Planning Awareness Week

Our second installment for National Estate Planning Awareness Week: trusts, wills, and the difference between the two.  When most people hear “estate planning,” they immediately think “will,”

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Naming Guardians- National Estate Planning Awareness Week

So, maybe you’ve heard that there are certain documents you need to have in place to make sure that your kids are protected no matter what, but you don’t know what those documents are. Here’s

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