To marry legally or not?

Financial, Legal Planning for Unmarried Couples: Should You Legally Marry or Not?

While the Supreme Court issued a landmark decision to legalize same-sex marriage in the U.S. making it possible for people of all sexual orientations to marry, many modern couples (of all genders and sexual

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We Need Your Help to Find our Newest Team Member!

If you’re a detailed-driven, super friendly adult who loves working with people, take a closer look! Client Services Coordinator/Receptionist Qualifications: Experienced high-end customer service/client

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Asset Protection through Estate Planning

Asset Protection Planning

Asset protection planning is an important step to take in safeguarding your hard-earned assets from being lost, inadvertently, because you overlooked something important. The most foundational level of

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Back to School Tip: Guardians and Your Child’s School

It’s that time of year— the kids are going BACK TO SCHOOL!! 📚📝 🚌 As we all get back into our routines, David has an important tip for you, regarding your Guardians and your child’s

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Buying a Will on Groupon

Buying A Will on Groupon, other Major Estate Planning Mistakes

Of the handful of major life events that require your serious consideration, few are as emotionally charged as how to leave your assets for loved ones at the time of your death. This process is legally

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Kids of All Ages

Avoid Bursting your Budget; Steps to Take When you Have Children at Different phases of Their Life

by guest blogger Lora Fickett, Financial Stress Reduction®Coach, of Fickett Financial Coaching The glorious day has come, you are now a parent and you didn’t realize how much love you were capable of

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My child is over 18 years old. What legal documents do they need?

A question we get a lot from our clients, who are planning with us is “We are protecting our kids, but are our kids, themselves actually protected?” When this question comes from a client with

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What is a Legacy Interview? Leaving more than money.

In addition to drafting legal documents for all of our clients, to make sure that their assets are taken care of and their families are fully protected, we also understand at the firm that there are certain

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Trust vs. Will: What is the Difference?

What is a trust, what is a will, and what is the difference between the two? When most people hear “estate planning,” they immediately think “will,” but for parents, a simple will

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